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VPRA PARTS WAREHOUSE Operating 3 -4 days per week.           Tire warehouse operating  weekdays.                  


Exception:  We are staffed for SHIPPING TIRES SAME DAY via partsrack@aol.com

Communication is currently limited to EMAIL  ONLY.   Please Email us at PartsRack@aol.com.

USE A RELEVANT SUBJECT LINE with a TOPIC.  Generic "question"  or 'Part Inquiry' subject lines  will be read last. 

Anonymous Emails will not be seen.  PLEASE  Proudly Use your name, City-State-Zip 

ORDERS  placed here,  as well as Emailed ORDERS including  tires,  as well as PartsRack.com.ORDERS  WILL BE REPLIED TO BY EMAIL,   Thank You    Jon and Todd:       Partsrack@aol.com.   

Office Hours 9a - 3P   PT.    Close Friday Noon.

Weekends, US Holidays CLOSED, but we answer emails to:    info@Partsrack.com

 SHIPPING :    Thank You for your Patience!  We are essentially a part-time-plus buisness.  We try to ship within 24-48  hours of your ORDER.      IF you order priority., rush shipping etc we will triage those orders soonest.      If you order via Ground / Standard services, we usually ship within 48-72 hours.    VPRA site  "automatically" Emails your tracking infos as we generate them..

 If you cannot wait 2-3  business days for domestic standard shipping to occur, please do NOT place an order during these  understaffed times.   Sorry.    We apologize for the inconvenience.     If you can be patient, we welcome and appreciate your  orders        INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ARE STRONGLY DISCOURAGED.  SORRY.   No Export Rush Shipments.

THis web program does a crappy job at estimating internation ship costs.  They ALMOST ALWAYS will result in add-on export adjustments. So we may ask you for follow up costs  on export orders.   

    PartsRack Warehouse   is are answering most Emails promptly, sent  to  info@PartsRack.com.      If your  Viper is stalled / parked  / disabled  and IF you request express shipping, we will try to help. No Guarantee.     But miscellaneous doo-dad item orders  must wait a bit, Sorry.   PLEASE Avoid SELECTing EXPRESS SHIPPINGS.  WE CANNOT HONOR SAME DAY SHIPMENTS WITHOUT PRIOR EMAIL OR VERBAL AGREEMENT

Thank You,     Jon,  Todd,  Paul.   

 EXPORT HEADACHES:   Export Packages take 5 days to reach export hubs. Origin POSTAL  services  then quarantine many export Euro and even Canada shipments for a minimum of 14 days.   

We are seeing export deliveries take 8 weeks total, and things seem to be getting worse.    WE MAY BE FORCED TO REFUSE  SOME EXPORT ORDERS.   YOU WILL BE CONTACTED BEFORE YOU ARE BILLED.  NOTE:  Minimum S/H export  postal cost will be revised to $55 despite what store computes..... 

  DO NOT TRY TO EMAIL US "General Messages" from this site.    It wont come thru, buried in RUSSIAN SPAM.   Therefore,   Please    Email any inquiries directly and only to:  info@PartsRack.com.  Emails to that address are dedicated to this site.    Sorry for the inconvenience.

A NOTE ABOUT VIPER TIRES!!!     WE HAVE VIPER TIRES, and have sold over $5,15 0,000 in Viper sized tires.  But NOT FROM THIS WEBSITE!   So Please do NOT use this site to determine Tire price or  Availabiity.  Please Email JonB@Partsrack.com for your Viper tire needs.  Thanks.   Jon has tires for all Generations, but some stocks are very low.      

Did you know?  As of late 2015,  the website and remaining inventory of Viper Parts of America (VPA) were sold to PartsRack Inc. and Don Scharf Automotive.  These two companies have partnered many times in the past 23 years to purchase bulk, surplus inventories from a variety of Dodge, Chrysler, and OE MFR entities.

This site has over 2,500 products, some of which are not available new from Mopar,  or from the used parts marketplace. If you DON'T see what OE parts you need, please contact us as noted BELOW.  [For PERFORMACE PARTS see  PartsRack.com.]

***  About our "HANDLING CHARGES":   Bidding, Acquiring, Transporting, Accumulating, Maintaining and Storing and insuring these hard-to-find Viper Parts has been our specialty for over 22 years.  We price our inventory of parts fairly, and competitively with most Dodge Dealers and vendors.  However: We alone have an extreme ratio of "Overhead" costs as a result of the way we must run our business.  We have invested tens-of-*  VPRAthousands of dollars in trasportation costs alone. Tens of thousand$ more in STORING parts for as much as 15-20 YEARS!  Add Utility expenses to keep the donor parts in good condition.   And dismantling, sorting, storing, -and occasionally relocating- our inventories adds even more costs.We have been aquiring and storing these parts for decades, JUST FOR YOU !

So when you see your  tiny nut-and-bolt order under $20, or a nice $1000+ parts order, both receive a small handling fee as well as a shipping cost, we want you to know WHY we must attach these fees.  [EXPORT NOTES: Minimum Export Fees/Postage to CANADA is about $36-$50. Invocie Will be revised to reflect export costs. Thank you for your understanding and support.]  

RETURNS / REFUNDS:  We sell parts.  We do NOT loan out parts for diagnostic purposes. If you buy it, you own it.  We do accept returns / refunds  by RMA arrangements, with a 15-25% restocking fee for the expended time and effort. Email and ask for an RMA.     NO REFUNDS ON ANY ELECTRICAL PARTS. 

NOTE:  We CANNOT accept VERBAL, phone orders unless we already have all your information on file in past 90 days.    Web Or E-Mail orders ONLY please.    JonB and Paul Thank You!                        Problems?   JonB@PartsRack.com 10 hrs/day or 360.837.3937.  9a-3p Mo-Th Pacific