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008; 2008 - 2010 Viper SRT10 Race Engine Controller - P5155254AB


Designed for race only applications on the 2008-2010 Viper, the Stage I Engine Controller has modified spark and fuel tables which function when "power adders" like headers, cat-back exhaust, aftermarket cams and cold air intake systems are used. The computer senses the additional air flow and will compensate with appropriate fuel and spark to maximize performance.

* Power adders can be used without turning on dash warning lights. Catalysts and O2 sensors can be removed without tripping warning lights or causing limp mode to activate
* Chassis dyno results showed a slight HP gain (approx 10 hp) on a stock ACR but the intent of this controller is to work with power adders to maximize performance
* The revised fuel/spark tables are intended for power levels below 700 hp. This controller is not intended for use with nitrous, superchargers, or packages that go above 700 hp. It might work depending on your setup, but it wasn't designed to function in that range
* The 1-4 skip shift feature in the production calibration has been eliminated
* Requires the use of 93 octane fuel only
* The rev limit has been increased from 6400 rpm to 6500 rpm
* Tachometer settings have been adjusted for updates every 25 RPM (vs. every
100 RPM)
* Increases engine idle speed from 700 rpm to 750 rpm
* The ETC pedal / throttle MAP has been refined which improves pedal feel
* Tested using rear axle ratios between 3.07:1 to 4.10:1

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This device is not legal for use on pollution-controlled vehicles certified for use on streets or highways. Once this device is installed and programmed, use of the vehicle on a street or highway is a violation of the Clean Air Act, potentially subjecting the operator and the installer to civil penalties of up to $32,500 per vehicle depending on the circumstances.

Mopar Part #: P5155254AB

NOTE: While not showing in the Performance Catalog, Mopar has been shipping Part # P5155255AB as an update to this same part number.  Actual photo of recently shipped unit shown.  No refunds on Mopar Performance products.


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